Shaping, experiencing, feeling interior spaces  –  

whilst being ambitious, human & successful. 

FIRST STEP I in 2000 l Kathrin Matthiesen + Ralf Claussen establish cm-DESIGN
OFFICE I interior architecture & design
PHILOSOPHY I creative I reliable I human I heartily I functional I ambitious I forward-looking I detailed 
I multifaceted I open-mined I humorous
SERVICES I idea I sketch I concept I material I planning I detail I tendering I realization I site management 
complete service on request
EXPERTISE work phase 1-9 I long standing practical experience I a keen sense I truth of material
qualitative project handling I faithful time scheduling I reliable cost control
TECHNICAL PLANNER I close cooperation I good communication I deep practical knowledge
GOAL harmony with friction I uniqueness I good formal & material language I sustainability  
modern, innovative spirit of the times